AC replacement

new AC installWhen we install new AC units, the biggest determining factor on how well that unit will hold up, perform and prevent the least amount of breakdowns is a quality installation.

Units need to be level and plumb. If not, it can add to a whole world of problems. Blower wheels and fan blades can get out of balance, which can cause excessive vibration and then premature motor failure. Drainage and condensation issues can cause a lot of destruction both inside the unit and outside if not properly leveled.

  • Improper brazing techniques can kill metering devices and performance.
  • Not pulling proper vacuums with the proper gauges will hurt performance.
  • Slightly improper charge in the cool mode will lower efficiency, comfort and performance.

Air flow is probably the most overlooked aspect of an ac system. Setting the blower speed to right sped tap and checking static pressure is very crucial. Setting blower speed too high will cause insulation to be sucked off the internal paneling, condensation to be sucked off the coils and not drain into the pan properly. Motors will run inefficient with too high a static pressure, comfort in house goes down due to short cycling of the thermostat and causing high humidity problems. In some cases mold can be a problem if it gets real bad. Sealing all duct connections so air is not getting sucked in from harmful areas of the house is crucial too.

Will all that being said, our installers know how important a quality installation means. We enjoy doing a great install and watching it perform properly on start up.

The goal is to leave an install better then when we showed up. Making sure to clean up our mess and a lot of times the mess prior from other companies.