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Best of Winter Moments in the Valley of the Sun

Well, with the return of ninety degree weather, we can pretty much bid farewell to our short winter season here in the Valley. It did get cold for about two weeks around Christmas, right? At least that was a nice festive touch. Here are a few of our favorite moments from this year's winter season:

Mild winters equal perfect days for new unit installations! This install was done on January 21, 2015. We would much rather do installations in the winter, when the outside temperature is about seventy degrees. In the summer, temperatures on the roof can reach around one hundred fifty degrees.

When it's winter in the Phoenix area, and we don't have too many heater repairs to take on, we sometimes do jobs up north. A herd of friendly deer came to visit us during this installation at a cabin in the mountains. The deer were extremely friendly and not scared of people at all. It seemed like they were looking for a handout! Sorry deer, no carrots here, just sheet metal.

Here's a look at the terrible winter conditions we saw this year

 Yes, that is ice! There was clearly an issue with the unit, since heat pumps should not ice up like this in Phoenix. That's probably the most ice we experienced in the Valley this year. In huge contrast, these pictures show how much snow and ice the northeast had to deal with this year. It makes us pretty grateful for Phoenix winters. But, the people back east will have their revenge when summer hits the Phoenix area!

Speaking of back east, Arizona hosted the Super Bowl this year, as you may have realized. Hello, crazy traffic! We had to take one day off and go play tourist. There were tons of events being held across the Valley, and lots to see. Downtown Phoenix is becoming awesome, by the way. Or maybe it just seems more fun, after having met a few of the Puppy Bowl participants!

And lastly, of course we had to get in a bit of snowboarding time. We are out to break personal speed records this year!

What was your favorite winter moment? Playing in the snow up north? Having dinner on the patio every evening? Did you go on an epic snowboarding trip?

Share it with us on our Facebook page, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a free package of filters for your A/C unit!

Why boring filters, you may ask? They are actually pretty useful, and you can read this post on why you might want them!

The drawing closes on March 26th, 2015, so go to our Facebook page and enter now!

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