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It’s Time For Your Heater!

 It's winter in Phoenix! Finally, the daytime temperatures are reasonable, and you can wear boots and jackets at night! This also means you might be thinking about turning on your heater in the early morning or at night, just to take the chill off. Is there anything you need to do before turning it on?

Heat It UP!

Not really! Go ahead and change the setting on your thermostat to "heat," and wait for the unit to kick on. It may take about three to five minutes for this to happen. What if it smells funny or blows cool air? Not to worry! Wait about five minutes, and the smell should go away. This just occurs from the heater sitting unused for so long. Think about it, some of you may have not used the heater since February, and that's almost ten months ago! The heater needs to warm up again, and this is what causes the smell. Your car's heater probably has the same issue! If the smell lasts longer than a day this could be your signal that there's a problem, and you should call us for a 22-point inspection.

About the cool air-if you feel cool air blowing out of the vents, again, don't worry, but give it about five minutes to warm up. The air should get warmer as it circulates through the heat pump. If the heater continually blows cool air, this also could mean there's a problem, and that is when you should call us.

Set Your ThermostatEnter heading here...

Once you know everything is working fine, set your thermostat to your desired temperature, and enjoy relaxing by your Christmas tree! Don't feel like getting up to change the temperature or turn off the heat once you are cozy? Remember that you can install an app on your smartphone so that you can control the temperature from anywhere!

Worried about running up the electricity bill? With the Christmas lights, increased oven use, and less daylight hours resulting in more indoor light use, this can be a concern. Check your air filter to make sure it's nice and clean. A dirty or clogged filter results in more energy usage, as the heater has to strain to force warm air through the filter. Also, don't forget to have your heater checked at least once this winter! This is one of the main tips suggested by the government's energy star website on how to save on energy costs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a heater check, please call us!

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