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Benefits Of Air Conditioning: A Review Of "No Sweat" Part II

Benefits of Air Conditioning | Clark Heating & CoolingToday we would like to share the conclusion of our review of The Economist’s article “No Sweat,” which discusses the costs and benefits of air conditioning.  The entire article can be read at their online journal here.
The use of air conditioning provides many benefits, one of which is boosting employee productivity.  Sweaty employees are not as productive as those who work in air-conditioned comfort, apparently! Another interesting point noted by the writer is that air conditioning can be credited for changing the political landscape in the southern United States!  According to a political scientist from UC Berkeley, the invention of air conditioning enabled Republicans to migrate from their usual northern residences to the south, slowly taking over the political scene which had formerly been ruled by Democrats.  As you can see, air conditioning can even have an impact on society!  But what about the scientist and the professor quoted in the article who think air conditioning negatively impacts us and the environment?  Are their views regarding air conditioning valid?

Energy Use

According to the article, air conditioning accounted for 8% of American household’s power consumption.  In comparison, heating bills accounted for 41% of power consumption.  Even though air conditioning does use more energy than heating, the use of it across America is not as widespread as it would seem.   This makes sense, as most regions across the United States cool down in the evenings, even in summer, and households are able to take advantage of cool night breezes by opening their windows and shutting off the A/C for the night.

Air conditioners are also becoming more and more energy-efficient, reducing negative effects their use may be placing on the environment.  We discussed the new SEER ratings for air conditioning units in a previous post, and it is every consumer and manufacturer’s goal to reduce energy costs, since this means less expenses on their budgets, whether it is a household budget or a company’s expense sheet.

We also previously discussed the change in coolant composition, and no longer is there a major worry that Freon is causing holes in the ozone la

A/C Has Improved Our Lives

There is no argument that air conditioning has made our lives easier, especially for those of us who live in hot climates.  Yes, we use air conditioning heavily for at least four months out of the year, but we don’t have to worry about high heating bills as well.  And thanks to new technology, our air conditioning units are able to run more efficiently than ever.

If you would like Clark Heating & Cooling to check to make sure your air conditioner is running at maximum efficiency, give us a call!

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