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Making Tenant Improvements!

tenant improvementAt Clark Heating & Cooling, we often focus on service calls, aka “fixing A/Cs,” simply because we live in one of the warmest climates in the United States. Air conditioners here in Phoenix really take a beating during the summer.  However, we also install new climate control systems, and even do some remodeling projects.  One of the types of remodeling projects we do most often are tenant improvements.  Tenant improvements are performed when a business moves into a new location or upgrades their current site.

Tenant Improvements

What is involved in completing tenant improvements?  These types of jobs are usually small remodels, so whatever the architect or designer has planned needs to be completed according to the blueprints.  After looking over the blueprints, they decide what trade needs to complete their task first.  Since all the trades depend on each other, it is important to get the timing right!  For example, the General Contractor for the job will first need to send his crew in to move the walls.  The existing walls need to be torn down and then rebuilt to slightly alter the floor plan to accommodate the new tenant’s needs.

Changing the location of the walls can include moving the duct work in the attic as well, so the A/C contractor coordinates the completion of this task.  Depending on the new size of the room (larger or smaller) the duct work may need to be re-sized in order to cool the room enough and provide maximum energy efficiency.  Air return grills may need to be moved to a separate room, depending on the purpose of the new areas.  The architect should determine the calculations for proper air flow for the new floor plan in advance. At times, the A/C contractor may also run these calculations to ensure accuracy.

Since moving walls means ripping out existing electrical wiring, an electrician will come in to take care of this.  New flooring can also be installed at this point.  After dry-walling, texturing, and painting, the job enters the trim stage.  Trim work involves mounting the thermostats, light fixtures, light switches and outlet covers, and air supply and return grills for the A/C.  The A/C contractor will stop by to move and rewire the thermostats, or possibly replace the older thermostats with brand new ones.  The air registers are also installed, providing the final touch to the new layout.  The new air conditioning configuration is then tested, making sure the building will be comfortable when the tenant moves in!

Do you need any improvements on your building?  Did you have improvements made but forget to have the A/C duct work checked?  Call us today for an evaluation!

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