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FAQ’s About Phoenix’s Fall Weather & Your Heater

fall heater Happy Fall!  Even though the almanac says the seasons have changed, it doesn't always feel that way in Phoenix!  When the midday temperatures still reach over ninety degrees, but the mornings and evenings are cooler, how does this impact your air conditioner?  When is a good time to start preparing your heater for winter?

FAQ's About Your Heater

Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive in regards to climate control in Phoenix’s fall season:

Q:  I still run my air conditioner in the middle of the day.  Is there anything I need to be checking or maintaining?

A:  No, the cooler morning/evening temperatures mean that your air conditioner gets a break from running 24/7!  Just make sure your filter is clean.

Q: When can I have my heater checked?

A:  Your heater can be checked when the daytime highs dip below 80 degrees.  Due to the still-high temperatures, it is difficult to get accurate readings while checking the heat pump.  It is preferable that temperatures are at the mid-70s or lower for a heater check.

Q:  What is the difference between a heater and a furnace?  Which one do I have?

A:  A heater could be any type of heating appliance.  It is just the common term used for a heating system.  A furnace is any heating appliance that is powered by gas.  If your house here in the Valley is supplied with gas, you more than likely have a furnace as your heat source.  If you don’t pay a gas bill, then you have a heat pump.  This is most common here in Phoenix, and the heat pump is located in the same place as your air conditioning system.

Q:  Is it fine to run my A/C in the day, and then switch to the heater at night?  Does this switching back and forth put strain on the system?

A:  It does not cause any strain, and the convenience of switching from heat to cool mode easily is exactly what the system is designed for.

Q:  What should I do to get my heater ready for winter?

A:  Your heater should be checked by a professional.  We perform 22-point inspections to ensure everything is in perfect working condition, so feel free to call us!  Depending on the type of heating system you have, the components can become locked up from long periods of disuse.  Sometimes fixing this can be as simple as switching the system on and off several times, or worst case, a part may need to be replaced.

Q: When I turn on my heater for the first time each winter, it smells like it’s burning!  What’s going on?

A:  Depending on the type of system you have, the burning smell is the heating elements warming up, and it smells funny from sitting unused for 7-8 months.  If the smell persists, there is likely an issue.  Of course, if you see flames, call the fire department immediately!

If you would like to schedule your fall preventative maintenance visit, please contact us today!  The cool temperatures will be here shortly!

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