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Climate Control Apps Making Life Easier

Thanks to technology, it is possible to monitor your home's climate control system right from your smartphone! There are several climate control apps which can be linked to your home's thermostat, allowing for easy, remote access to the thermostat. These apps make it possible to lower the air conditioner's temperature when you start your evening commute, meaning you can walk into an already-cooled home. Or, if you are lying in bed on a winter's evening and feel a bit chilly, you can turn on the heat setting, without leaving the comfort of your bed. So how exactly do these apps work, and which types are best?

In our opinion, you can't go wrong with a climate control app created by Honeywell. This company manufactures some of our favorite types of thermostats. We would like to highlight the Total Connect Comfort app, which is free for iOs and Android. This app can be used for about five of Honeywell's most common wireless thermostats. In order to use a remote climate control app-your thermostat must be wirelessly connected to your home's internet.

The Total Connect Comfort app is incredibly useful, as it can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, then password protected. If your child plays on your phone, he won't accidentally set the thermostat to sixty degrees in the summer and run up the electricity bill! The screens are very clear and easy to use, showing up and down arrows for adjusting the temperature. It also provides a five day weather forecast, so you can adjust the temperature in your home as needed, even while on vacation. Not only does this app let you remotely control your home's thermostat, it can help you find a licensed HVAC contractor in your neighborhood if something breaks down. While we have noticed that this app sometimes has "connectivity issues," this is the type we use in our homes due to its ease of use and installation. Also, did we mention it's free?!

One of the other free apps currently offered is called "Honeywell Lyric," and can basically be described as the "nest" version of an app. (If you need more information on the nest thermostat, see our previous blog explaining thermostat types). You can program the app to a set temperature when you are at home, and to another temperature when you are away. Lyric uses your smartphone location to make temperature adjustments as needed. This is very convenient! Imagine, turning into your driveway after work and having the thermostat flip on. As always with technology, yes, this app tracks your location. It's best to read all the information and check out the reviews before installing apps on your phone or tablet, just to ensure the app is the right one for you.

If you are interested in being able to remotely control your thermostat, but don't have a wireless thermostat, please give us a call. We will be happy to install a new thermostat, and show you which app is compatible!

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