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Clark Heat and Cool is a Phoenix, Arizona based HVAC specialty service company and this blog is to help keep their client, and prospective clients, up to date with changes in the HVAC industry.

Airflow Eval & Reducting

It's no secret the Phoenix area experiences severe weather in summer, and your HVAC unit might have to really labor to keep your home cool. One solution to make it easier on your unit is to conduct a whole-house performance evaluation and determine if reducting is warranted. This is where the home is evaluated for any airflow issues or "hot spots,"...

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What kind of air filter should I buy?

What kind of air filter should I buy? Great question, because there are a lot of different types of filters out there. The right one for your A/C unit will depend on a few different things: 1. Budget (be careful here, low budget air filters may cost you in the long run)2. Environment, type of A/C unit3. Filter size4. Level of filtration required.WH...

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Pinterest-ing Your A/C Unit

By now, I think everyone has heard of Pinterest! This electronic pinboard site is incredibly popular and full of creative ideas, ranging from the latest cookie dough recipes (my favorite) to methods on how to upcycle your old toilet paper rolls (my LEAST favorite-nothing says classy like a toilet paper roll wreath on the front door). With all the i...

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It’s Time For Your Heater!

 It's winter in Phoenix! Finally, the daytime temperatures are reasonable, and you can wear boots and jackets at night! This also means you might be thinking about turning on your heater in the early morning or at night, just to take the chill off. Is there anything you need to do before turning it on? Heat It UP!​ Not really! Go ahead and cha...

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Climate Control Apps Making Life Easier

Thanks to technology, it is possible to monitor your home's climate control system right from your smartphone! There are several climate control apps which can be linked to your home's thermostat, allowing for easy, remote access to the thermostat. These apps make it possible to lower the air conditioner's temperature when you start your evening co...

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Product Review-Air Filters

There are many different types of air filters available on the market.  In fact, air filters seem to be sold everywhere-even drug stores sell them!  How can you know if you are choosing the right type?  We would like to give a quick explanation of a few types of air filters, and let you know which one we prefer. First of...

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FAQ’s About Phoenix’s Fall Weather & Your Heater

Happy Fall!  Even though the almanac says the seasons have changed, it doesn't always feel that way in Phoenix!  When the midday temperatures still reach over ninety degrees, but the mornings and evenings are cooler, how does this impact your air conditioner?  When is a good time to start preparing your heater for winter? FAQ's About Your Heater Here are some...

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Heating And Air Conditioning FAQs

Do you have questions about when your air conditioner should be checked?  What about when to change the filter?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter, along with our answers: Answering Your Heating And Air Conditioning FAQs Q:  When should my A/C be checked?  What about the heater? A:  Both your A/C and heater should be checked once...

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Monsoon Season and Your A/C

The Valley has experienced some huge rainstorms this monsoon season!  The rain is much needed here in Arizona, and also provides welcome relief from the summer heat.  However, the monsoon storms can also be destructive, as we have seen recently.  What does this mean for your air conditioning system?  Depending on the strength of the storm, the monsoon definitely can have...

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Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV)

  This twisty part which is found in an A/C unit regulates the refrigerant flow for the indoor coil.  It is called a thermostatic expansion valve, or TXV, for short.  The TXV makes sure the A/C unit maintains maximum efficiency by allowing only a certain amount of refrigerant to flow into the evaporator. This control over the flow of refrigerant is...

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What our clients are saying

We just had them come out to install a new AC unit on our house. Not only are they efficient and on time but they did a fantastic job and are super...
Katie Sjoblom Wynn
Great service with integrity! Even little perks when you refer friend. So glad that we have been able to rely on Clark Heating and Cooling (and now...
Cassy Lough Thrush
When it came time to build my agency's office there was only one Phoenix based HVAC team I trusted, Clark Heat and Cool. I'll always support local,...
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Pleased with Sam’s work.
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