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Mini Split

 Mini Split | Clark Heating & Cooling | A/C Service & Repair What is a mini split?  Sounds like a small air conditioner, right?  That’s true, but there are a few more details when it comes to explaining all about a mini split!

Mini Split vs Regular Split System

A mini split is similar to a regular split air conditioning system. The main difference is there isn't any duct work attached to this type of air system.  Part of the mini split is inside the house (the evaporator) and part of the mini split is located outside the house on the ground (the condenser).  Instead of metal duct work carrying cold air through the house, this system uses small tubes called a “line set” to run refrigerant from the condenser to the evaporator, keeping the house cool.

Best Places for a Mini Split

This type of system is perfect for small homes, homes without enough attic space to install duct work, freestanding offices or garages, or even just for one room in your house.  The evaporator, or air handler, is small enough to be installed on a wall or near the ceiling.  It doesn't take up much room; normally it's about 40 inches wide and 12 inches tall.  The copper line set is run along the outside of the house and is carefully concealed with trim, making it blend in nicely with the home.  The condenser is set on a concrete or hard plastic pad outside the home.


Many older homes, (mostly ones located in other parts of the country) use mini splits because they are easy to install.  It can be tricky to outfit an old home with a modern convenience such as air conditioning without doing a large remodeling job.  A mini split solves this problem!  They are also much more energy efficient, as they use the newest technology available in climate control systems.  There are less moving parts to a mini split, which reduces the frequency of breakdowns.  Mini splits are also more customizable than a regular A/C unit. You can choose a style that matches your indoor design. There's even one style of a mini split evaporator that can even be made into a large, digital slideshow!

Mini splits offer a convenient and cost effective way to cool your home or garage.  Clark Heating & Cooling can give you more information if you are interested!  Call us today at 602.793.2477!

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