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Clark Heat and Cool is a Phoenix, Arizona based HVAC specialty service company and this blog is to help keep their client, and prospective clients, up to date with changes in the HVAC industry.

2nd Opinion Expertise

Have you ever received a quote for an expensive repair or new unit and declared, "There's no way I need a new unit already!" That's when you have that sinking feeling and think, "I wonder if I really need a new unit. But how can I be sure?"

Clark Heating and Cooling is here to help! We will provide you with a full system evaluation and offer a reliable second opinion. Our technicians are experienced in identifying if serious problems exist which will require a new unit, or if there are some other solutions that will extend the life of your current one. We will also be frank about how long your unit is expected to last in its current condition. 

Oftentimes we are able to repair a client's unit and keep it in good working condition for a bit longer until they are ready to replace it. Sometimes we have found that nothing more serious than a filter change was needed!

If we do find that your HVAC unit needs to be replaced, we offer competitive, same-day quotes. We give you all the options and explain the reasons behind each option so you can make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Please feel free to call us for a second opinion! 602-793-2477 

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