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22 Point Inspection: We Check It All Out

22 Point Inspection | Routine Maintenance | Clark Heating & CoolingAt Clark Heating & Cooling, we always emphasize the importance of routine maintenance to keep your air conditioner in top shape.  Are you curious about what exactly goes into our routine maintenance checks?  We perform a detailed 22 point inspection, making sure everything is working properly.

Here are the items we check in our 22 point inspection

* Freon levels per manufacturer’s specifications, amp draws on the blower motor, outdoor fan motor, and compressor
* Microfarad readings on run capacitors and contactor points
* All electrical wiring and connections, and also strap and secure wiring so it doesn’t rub on copper lines and cause a leak due to vibration.
* Condensate drain pan to be sure it’s free of debris and draining properly, as well as the drain line itself to make sure it’s free of debris and not backing up
* To be sure unit itself is level to prevent over-wear on motor bearings; a unit that is not level can also cause the fan blades and blower wheels to go out of balance prematurely
* Both outdoor and indoor coil condition to make sure they are clean and free of debris
* Cabinet insulation to make sure it is properly secured, not getting caught in blower wheel or indoor coil, causing air flow restriction.  Air flow restriction makes the unit work harder.
* Elbow or plenum box to make sure it is sealed properly and not leaking air to attic or outdoors.  A leak always equals a waste of electricity!
* Compare the thermostat with a thermometer to make sure it is reading accurately.
* Condition of filter.
* Supply and return grills for cleanliness and make sure they are fully open
* Fan relay
* Control board to ensure proper time delay operation
* Start-up amperage on compressor
* Temperature split to ensure 18-22 degree difference between return grill and supply grill

All these points seem to be small, but a failure of any one of these items can cause your air conditioner to malfunction or break down.  It is only $55 to $75 for a service call, depending on what type of system you have.  It is well worth it to have a routine maintenance service call with our 22 point inspection versus a repair call!  Contact us today for an A/C checkup!

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