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Heating And Air Conditioning FAQs

roof ac unitDo you have questions about when your air conditioner should be checked?  What about when to change the filter?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter, along with our answers:

Answering Your Heating And Air Conditioning FAQs

Q:  When should my A/C be checked?  What about the heater?

A:  Both your A/C and heater should be checked once a year, before the summer/winter season.  This helps ensure everything is working properly and prevents any major break-downs right when you need your unit the most.  We call these “Preventive Maintenance” checks, and we do a 22 point inspection to make sure all is in working order.

Q:  How often should I change the filters?

A:  Every month during the summer, so that your unit can run at maximum efficiency.  During the Valley’s winter season, changing it one-two times should be sufficient.

Q:  Should I get my air ducts cleaned?

A:  It is our opinion that air duct cleaning may not be necessary for you.  It seems to be a popular topic lately, but it is not always a requirement for your air conditioner to work properly.

Q:  What can I repair on my A/C myself?

A:  If you are an electrician or plumber by trade, or can successfully work on cars, you may be able to complete some of the more general repairs, such as replacing burned-out fuses.  If you are slightly handy, you can change out your own thermostat, and almost anyone can replace the filters!

Q:  Should I get Freon added to my A/C each year?

A:  No.  If you need to add Freon before the start of each summer, this means there is likely a leak somewhere in the system, and this needs to be repaired.  Freon is made to stay in the A/C lines indefinitely, until it is removed by a professional, according to EPA regulations.  Freon is increasing in price, and if someone offers to add it to your unit every summer, they might be just looking to make a profit.

We hope these heating and air conditioning FAQs help provide you with some useful information!  For more answers to FAQs, visit our website and click on the ?  icon.

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