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Clark Heat and Cool is a Phoenix, Arizona based HVAC specialty service company and this blog is to help keep their client, and prospective clients, up to date with changes in the HVAC industry.

Customer Satisfaction: Why We Love The A/C Business

Of course we love air conditioning!  How can we not, living in the Valley of the Sun?  Air conditioning makes living here bearable, and obviously, it’s also our way of life.  But we love the trade of air conditioning itself. We Love Working Outdoors We love working with our hands and we love the benefits of  working outdoors.  We are not...

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

We are well into the summer months in Phoenix, and are more grateful than ever for air conditioning!  Here are a few fun facts to celebrate air conditioning: Air conditioning makes desert areas livable and profitable!  Thanks to A/C, large cities in the southwest are able to exist, bringing economic benefits to their states.  Otherwise, all large, economically powerful cities would...

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Off or On?

This topic is always a great debate:  Do you save more energy by turning the air conditioner completely off when you leave, or do you change it to a higher setting?  We at Clark Heating & Cooling have experimented with both options, just to see the effect it would have on our electric bill. The argument for turning the air conditioner...

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Crane Service & Air Conditioners

Have you ever wondered how we lift a heavy air conditioner onto the roof of a home or business?  We use a crane!  An A/C unit weighs between 700 to 800 pounds, and getting a unit on the roof would be impossible without a crane. We Hire the Best Crane Service We use a third party crane service, Smiley Crane,  who...

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Mini Split

  What is a mini split?  Sounds like a small air conditioner, right?  That’s true, but there are a few more details when it comes to explaining all about a mini split! Mini Split vs Regular Split System A mini split is similar to a regular split air conditioning system. The main difference is there isn't any duct work attached to...

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Routine Maintenance Part II

Today we bring you Routine Maintenance Part II! We want to talk about the importance of keeping your air conditioning unit in the best working condition.  As previously mentioned, this is achieved through routine maintenance.  Look closely at the picture above.  Can you see what happened here?  A wire is completely burned through! It's HOT Out There! Because it's hot here in...

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Supply House Fun

When your air conditioner needs a repair, most times, our service technicians have the needed replacement parts stocked in their trucks.  But what about large parts or specialty parts? We Head to the Supply House! That’s why we love our A/C supply houses!  Supply houses are large warehouses full of all the needed materials for the trade.  If the supply house...

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Thermostats - So Many Choices!

  There are many types of thermostats to choose from!  How can you know which one is right for you? Here are a few of our favorite options, covering every price range and style preference.  We like the digital thermostats for a more modern look, and Honeywell is our preferred brand. They have proven to be both cost-effective and very reliable....

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Air Duct Cleaning

  What is air duct cleaning?  And is it necessary?  We hear these questions often, and even though Clark Heating & Cooling does not offer air duct cleaning services, we would like to discuss the pros and cons of this type of cleaning. It's Dusty in the Desert Due to our extremely dusty climate, it makes sense that everything in your...

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Evaporative Coolers

If you live in an older neighborhood in the Valley, you may have noticed many of the houses in your area have two box-like structures on the roof.  One of them is the air conditioner, and the other box is most likely an evaporative cooler.  So what exactly is an evaporative cooler, and why are they only on some homes? What...

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