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Benefits Of Air Conditioning: A Review Of "No Sweat" Part II

Today we would like to share the conclusion of our review of The Economist’s article “No Sweat,” which discusses the costs and benefits of air conditioning.  The entire article can be read at their online journal here.The use of air conditioning provides many benefits, one of which is boosting employee productivity.  Sweaty employees are not as productive as those who work in...

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Does A/C Increase Productivity - A Review Of “No Sweat” Part 1

The Economist is an international online and print journal which delivers news on a wide range of topics, ranging from current political events to the latest culture trends worldwide.  Last year, The Economist published an article discussing the varying costs of making hot climates livable.  One major point outlined in the article was that air conditioning can increase productivity.  We featured...

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Monsoon Season and Your A/C

The Valley has experienced some huge rainstorms this monsoon season!  The rain is much needed here in Arizona, and also provides welcome relief from the summer heat.  However, the monsoon storms can also be destructive, as we have seen recently.  What does this mean for your air conditioning system?  Depending on the strength of the storm, the monsoon definitely can have...

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SEER Rating - Going Green With Your A/C

Not only is going green a huge trend right now, saving on energy bills is an ongoing quest for most Americans.  An energy-efficient air conditioning unit is pretty important, especially for those of us who live in the Valley.  Did you know that your total heating and cooling expenses equal 40% of your annual electricity bill?  So “going green” can be...

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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to everyone! Labor Day became a Federal Holiday in the 19th century, and we still celebrate today.  We at Clark Heating & Cooling hope you are able to take a break from work and enjoy the day relaxing! Things That Make Us Smile We are grateful for our air conditioning jobs, and even when it’s hot and unpleasant...

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Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV)

  This twisty part which is found in an A/C unit regulates the refrigerant flow for the indoor coil.  It is called a thermostatic expansion valve, or TXV, for short.  The TXV makes sure the A/C unit maintains maximum efficiency by allowing only a certain amount of refrigerant to flow into the evaporator. This control over the flow of refrigerant is...

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Run Capacitor: Not Quite The Flux Capacitor

Ok, so this round canister-looking part in the picture is not actually a flux capacitor, and it can’t help you time-travel, but it really is called a run capacitor.  The run capacitor plays a very important role in how well the air conditioner runs. What a Run Capacitor Does A run capacitor's function is to start compressors and motors and keep them...

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Hot Spots? Balancing Air Flow In Your Home

Do you have that one room in your home which is always warmer than the others?  Hopefully it’s not your bedroom!  Do you wonder what causes hot spots in your house?  Does it drive you crazy? Hot Spots One warm room is usually the result of improper duct sizing.  The air conditioner can't supply the right air flow to the room...

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22 Point Inspection: We Check It All Out

At Clark Heating & Cooling, we always emphasize the importance of routine maintenance to keep your air conditioner in top shape.  Are you curious about what exactly goes into our routine maintenance checks?  We perform a detailed 22 point inspection, making sure everything is working properly. Here are the items we check in our 22 point inspection * Freon levels per...

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99 Problems But My A/C Ain't One Of Them

As a homeowner, you know that things around the house need constant upkeep.  Weeding, mowing, tree trimming, oiling hinges, and other fun projects such as these can keep you extremely busy on the weekends!  With all the home maintenance items on your list, you don’t need to add air conditioner troubles! Here are three easy tips on how to keep your...

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We are thrilled with our new A/C Unit Dave, Ivan, Gabe & Johnny installed last week. Our office has never felt better & we are looking forward to...
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My mother's heating/ac unit finally called it a day and needed to be replaced. Clark Heating and Cooling responded immediately to my request for a...
Tech Gabe comes out annually to tuneup our air conditioning unit. He is very professional and thorough. I love this company and we will use them...
Dave was very professional presenting my options with a new heat Pump combo system. He helped me understand the difference between a 1 stage a 2...
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